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  • Carter Ferguson/ Sophie Paterson/ Marvel

FIGHTS PART I | Captain America: The Winter Soldier

As part of the website overhaul, we've been researching some of the best fight and stunt content on the web. Today's offering is a behind the scenes segment from Marvel's 2014 film Captain America: “The Winter Soldier". Like them or loathe them, the Marvel films feature some intense fight scenes and are well worth your time. This featurette gives great insight into Sebastian Stan’s character as he works to perfect the action.

Watch him train with Stunt Coordinator Thomas Robinson Harbour to make this cool knife work look easy.

Release date: 26 March 2014 (United Kingdom)

Network: Marvel Entertainment

Producer : Kevin Feige

Starring: Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie

Cinematography by: Trent Opaloch

Synopsis: As Steve Rogers adapts to the complexities of a contemporary world, he joins Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson in his mission to uncover the secret behind a deadly, mysterious assassin.


Thomas Robinson Harper - stunt coordinator

Casey O'Neill - stunt co-coordinator

Chris Carnel - fight choreographer

James Young - fight choreographer / stunt double: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Andy Gill - stunt coordinator: second unit

Kenny Alexander - utility stunts

Matthew R. Anderson - utility stunts (as Matt Anderson)

Gregory J. Barnet - utility stunts (as Gregory Barnett)

Jeffrey G. Barnett - utility stunts (as Jeffrey Barnett)

Chris Brewster - stunt double: Steve Rogers/Captain America (as Christopher Brewster)

Joe Bucaro III - utility stunts (as Joseph Bucaro III)

Mark Chapman - utility stunts

Fernando Chien - utility stunts (as Funan Chien)

Craig Conaway - utility stunts

Clay Cullen - stunt double: Brock Rumlow

Phil Culotta - utility stunts

Gui DaSilva-Greene - utility stunts

Steve M. Davison - utility stunts (as Steve Davison)

Holland Diaz - utility stunts

Doc Duhame - stunt double: Councilman Rockwell

Chris Durand - utility stunts (as Christopher Durand)

Kiante Elam - stunt double: Nick Fury

Eyad Elbitar - stunt double: Jasper Sitwell

Annie Ellis - utility stunts

Richard Epper - utility stunts

Jon H. Epstein - utility stunts (as Jon Epstein)

John Escobar - utility stunts

Dane Farwell - utility stunts

Jeremy Fitzgerald - utility stunts

Austin Gill - utility stunts

Mark Ginther - utility stunts

Sergey Golovkin - stunt player

David M. Graves - utility stunts (as David Graves)

Jenn Grundstad - stunt department assistant

Daniel Hargrave - stunt double: Steve Rogers/Captain America

Sam Hargrave - stunt double: Steve Rogers/Captain America (as Samuel Hargrave)

Reid Harper - stunt rigger

Riley Harper - stunt double: Jack Rollins

Will Harper - stunt rigger

Freddie Hice - utility stunts

Kevin L. Jackson - utility stunts (as Kevin Jackson)

Allen Jo - utility stunts

Amy Johnston - stunt double: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Shawn Kautz - stunt rigger

Steve Kelso - utility stunts

Henry Kingi Jr. - utility stunts

Dorian Kingi - utility stunts

Henry Kingi - stunt double: Nick Fury

Mandy Kowalski - stunt double: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Paul M. Lane - utility stunts (as Paul Lane)

Matt Leonard - utility stunts

Jalil Jay Lynch - utility stunts (as Jalil Lynch)

Brian Machleit - utility stunts

Rob Mars - utility stunts

Mike Massa - utility stunts

Cassandra McCormick - stunt double: Councilwoman Hawley

Brent McGee - stunt player

Brandon Melendy - utility stunts

Heidi Moneymaker - stunt double: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Kimberly Shannon Murphy - stunt double: Kate/Agent 13

Robert Nagle - utility stunts

Allan Padelford - utility stunts

Jim Palmer - utility stunts

Eddie Perez - stunt double: Jasper Sitwell

Denney Pierce - utility stunts

Spiro Razatos - stunt coordinator

Jimmy N. Roberts - utility stunts (as James Roberts III)

Shawn Robinson - stunt rigger

Troy Robinson - stunts

Mic Rodgers - utility stunts

Erik Rondell - utility stunts

Mike Ryan - utility stunts

David Schultz - stunt rigger

Philip J Silvera - utility stunts (as Philip Silvera)

Monty L. Simons - stunt rigger

Tim Sitarz - utility stunts

Justin Sundquist - utility stunts

Jake Swallow - utility stunts

Aaron Toney - stunt double: Sam Wilson/Falcon

Coleen M. Tracy - utility stunts (as Coleen Tracy)

Sean Tracy - utility stunts

Tim Trella - utility stunts

Steve Upton - utility stunts

Aaron Walters - stunt rigger

Todd Warren - stunt rigger

Kofi Yiadom - utility stunts

Bill Young - utility stunts (as William Young)

Kevin Arnold - stunt performer (uncredited)

Jonathan Arthur - stunts (uncredited)

Jennifer Badger - stunt driver (uncredited)

Donny Bailey - stunts (uncredited)

Dean Barlage - stunt performer (uncredited)

Michael H. Barnett - stunts (uncredited)

Mustafa Beyter - utility stunts (uncredited)

Nicolas Bosc - stunts (uncredited)

Freddy Bouciegues - stunts (uncredited)

Solomon Brende - stunts (uncredited)

Bob Brown - stunt performer (uncredited)

Troy Brown - stunts (uncredited)

Nick Clapuci - stunt double (uncredited)

George Crayton - stunts (uncredited)

Max Daniels - stunt performer (uncredited)

Steve DeCastro - stunt performer (uncredited)

Mark Dobson - stunts (uncredited)

Brian Duffy - stunts (uncredited)

Shauna Duggins - stunt double: Hayley Atwell (uncredited)

Zack Duhame - stunts (uncredited)

Tom Elliott - stunts (uncredited)

Cheyenne Ellis - stunts (uncredited)

Mike Escamilla - stunt performer (uncredited)

Debbie Evans - stunt driver (uncredited)

Eddie J. Fernandez - stunt player (uncredited)

Jimena Ferrante - stunts (uncredited)

Rod Fielder - precision car driver (uncredited)

Richard Fike - stunt performer (uncredited)

George T. Fleming - utility stunts (uncredited)

Louie Franco - stunt performer (uncredited)

Bryan Friday - stunt actor (uncredited)

Michael Gaines - stunts (uncredited)

Jason Gray - stunt actor (uncredited)

David Hutchison - stunt performer (uncredited)

Jess King - stunts (uncredited)

Henry Kingi Jr. - stunt driver (uncredited)

Alex Kingi - stunts (uncredited)

Mark Kubr - stunt performer (uncredited)

Efka Kvaraciejus - utility stunts (uncredited)

Theo Kypri - stunts (uncredited)

Shawn Patrick Lane - stunt performer (uncredited)

Malosi Leonard - stunts (uncredited)

Carlos Lopez Jr. - stunt player (uncredited)

Samantha MacIvor - stunt double: Branka Kadic (uncredited)

Anthony Molinari - stunt performer (uncredited)

Rene Mousseux - stunt performer (uncredited)

Michael Mulgrew - stunt performer (uncredited)

Chris Palermo - stunts (uncredited)

Rex Reddick - stunt performer (uncredited)

Simon Rhee - stunts (uncredited)

Larry Rippenkroeger - stunts (uncredited)

Brandon Saario - stunts (uncredited)

Anthony G. Schmidt - stunts (uncredited)

Jeff Seich - highway driver (uncredited)

Emily Shah - stunts (uncredited)

Vladimir Tevlovski - stunt performer (uncredited)

Cody Thornbury - stunts (uncredited)

Chester E. Tripp III - stunt driver (uncredited)

Mark Aaron Wagner - stunt performer (uncredited)

Jordan Warrack - stunt performer (uncredited)

Travis Wong - stunts (uncredited)

Scott Workman - stunts (uncredited)

Nico Woulard - utility stunts (uncredited)

One teh Chinese promotional posters for Captain America: "The Winter Soldier"

You can see more Captain America behind the scenes fight footage on this link to Part 2


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