I have been directing fight sequences in the UK since 1995. During that time I’ve worked on  hundreds of projects from small scale community theatre to large scale international film productions. I’ve been lucky enough to work beside some of the best directors, film crews and actors in the world including Idris Elba, David Tennant, Kevin McKidd, Minnie Driver, James Nesbitt, Richard Wilson, Helena Bonham Carter, Jim Caviezel, Malcolm Macdowell, Euan Bremner, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies and James Purefoy.

Whilst studying a degree in Drama (Acting) at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, I began my training with fight director and Olympic fencing coach Professor Bert Bracewell.  Specialising in Fight Direction was an option for movement on the course and even before graduating I had directed fight sequences both for QM itself and for the Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

In recent years I’ve been producing and directing my own film and theatre productions and I’ve won two awards for Best Director (2011 & 2013). My first feature film Fast Romance won the Cineworld Audience Award for Best Picture at the 2011 Scottish Baftas and in 2012 also won the Directors Choice Award at the Starlite Film Festival in Florida.

I work regularly with several large production companies including BBC Scotland.  If you want to discuss a project just use the contact link above. 


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