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  • Carter Ferguson/ Sophie Paterson/ Marvel

FIGHTS PART II | Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is the second post featuring behind the scenes fight action from Marvel's Captain America: “The Winter Soldier". Listen as fight coordinator James Young talks us through the apartment fight featuring Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan.

Release date: 26 March 2014 (United Kingdom)

Network: Marvel Entertainment

Producer : Kevin Feige

Starring: Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie

Cinematography by: Trent Opaloch

Synopsis: As Steve Rogers adapts to the complexities of a contemporary world, he joins Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson in his mission to uncover the secret behind a deadly, mysterious assassin.


Thomas Robinson Harper - stunt coordinator

Casey O'Neill - stunt co-coordinator

Chris Carnel - fight choreographer

James Young - fight choreographer / stunt double: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Andy Gill - stunt coordinator: second unit

Kenny Alexander - utility stunts

Matthew R. Anderson - utility stunts (as Matt Anderson)

Gregory J. Barnet - utility stunts (as Gregory Barnett)

Jeffrey G. Barnett - utility stunts (as Jeffrey Barnett)

Chris Brewster - stunt double: Steve Rogers/Captain America (as Christopher Brewster)

Joe Bucaro III - utility stunts (as Joseph Bucaro III)

Mark Chapman - utility stunts

Fernando Chien - utility stunts (as Funan Chien)

Craig Conaway - utility stunts

Clay Cullen - stunt double: Brock Rumlow

Phil Culotta - utility stunts

Gui DaSilva-Greene - utility stunts

Steve M. Davison - utility stunts (as Steve Davison)

Holland Diaz - utility stunts

Doc Duhame - stunt double: Councilman Rockwell

Chris Durand - utility stunts (as Christopher Durand)

Kiante Elam - stunt double: Nick Fury

Eyad Elbitar - stunt double: Jasper Sitwell

Annie Ellis - utility stunts

Richard Epper - utility stunts

Jon H. Epstein - utility stunts (as Jon Epstein)

John Escobar - utility stunts

Dane Farwell - utility stunts

Jeremy Fitzgerald - utility stunts

Austin Gill - utility stunts

Mark Ginther - utility stunts

Sergey Golovkin - stunt player

David M. Graves - utility stunts (as David Graves)

Jenn Grundstad - stunt department assistant

Daniel Hargrave - stunt double: Steve Rogers/Captain America

Sam Hargrave - stunt double: Steve Rogers/Captain America (as Samuel Hargrave)

Reid Harper - stunt rigger

Riley Harper - stunt double: Jack Rollins

Will Harper - stunt rigger

Freddie Hice - utility stunts

Kevin L. Jackson - utility stunts (as Kevin Jackson)

Allen Jo - utility stunts

Amy Johnston - stunt double: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Shawn Kautz - stunt rigger

Steve Kelso - utility stunts

Henry Kingi Jr. - utility stunts

Dorian Kingi - utility stunts

Henry Kingi - stunt double: Nick Fury

Mandy Kowalski - stunt double: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Paul M. Lane - utility stunts (as Paul Lane)

Matt Leonard - utility stunts

Jalil Jay Lynch - utility stunts (as Jalil Lynch)

Brian Machleit - utility stunts

Rob Mars - utility stunts

Mike Massa - utility stunts

Cassandra McCormick - stunt double: Councilwoman Hawley

Brent McGee - stunt player

Brandon Melendy - utility stunts

Heidi Moneymaker - stunt double: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Kimberly Shannon Murphy - stunt double: Kate/Agent 13

Robert Nagle - utility stunts

Allan Padelford - utility stunts

Jim Palmer - utility stunts

Eddie Perez - stunt double: Jasper Sitwell

Denney Pierce - utility stunts

Spiro Razatos - stunt coordinator

Jimmy N. Roberts - utility stunts (as James Roberts III)

Shawn Robinson - stunt rigger

Troy Robinson - stunts

Mic Rodgers - utility stunts

Erik Rondell - utility stunts

Mike Ryan - utility stunts

David Schultz - stunt rigger

Philip J Silvera - utility stunts (as Philip Silvera)

Monty L. Simons - stunt rigger

Tim Sitarz - utility stunts

Justin Sundquist - utility stunts

Jake Swallow - utility stunts

Aaron Toney - stunt double: Sam Wilson/Falcon

Coleen M. Tracy - utility stunts (as Coleen Tracy)

Sean Tracy - utility stunts

Tim Trella - utility stunts

Steve Upton - utility stunts

Aaron Walters - stunt rigger

Todd Warren - stunt rigger

Kofi Yiadom - utility stunts

Bill Young - utility stunts (as William Young)

Kevin Arnold - stunt performer (uncredited)

Jonathan Arthur - stunts (uncredited)

Jennifer Badger - stunt driver (uncredited)

Donny Bailey - stunts (uncredited)

Dean Barlage - stunt performer (uncredited)

Michael H. Barnett - stunts (uncredited)

Mustafa Beyter - utility stunts (uncredited)

Nicolas Bosc - stunts (uncredited)

Freddy Bouciegues - stunts (uncredited)

Solomon Brende - stunts (uncredited)

Bob Brown - stunt performer (uncredited)

Troy Brown - stunts (uncredited)

Nick Clapuci - stunt double (uncredited)

George Crayton - stunts (uncredited)

Max Daniels - stunt performer (uncredited)

Steve DeCastro - stunt performer (uncredited)

Mark Dobson - stunts (uncredited)

Brian Duffy - stunts (uncredited)

Shauna Duggins - stunt double: Hayley Atwell (uncredited)

Zack Duhame - stunts (uncredited)

Tom Elliott - stunts (uncredited)

Cheyenne Ellis - stunts (uncredited)

Mike Escamilla - stunt performer (uncredited)

Debbie Evans - stunt driver (uncredited)

Eddie J. Fernandez - stunt player (uncredited)

Jimena Ferrante - stunts (uncredited)

Rod Fielder - precision car driver (uncredited)

Richard Fike - stunt performer (uncredited)

George T. Fleming - utility stunts (uncredited)

Louie Franco - stunt performer (uncredited)

Bryan Friday - stunt actor (uncredited)

Michael Gaines - stunts (uncredited)

Jason Gray - stunt actor (uncredited)

David Hutchison - stunt performer (uncredited)

Jess King - stunts (uncredited)

Henry Kingi Jr. - stunt driver (uncredited)

Alex Kingi - stunts (uncredited)

Mark Kubr - stunt performer (uncredited)

Efka Kvaraciejus - utility stunts (uncredited)

Theo Kypri - stunts (uncredited)

Shawn Patrick Lane - stunt performer (uncredited)

Malosi Leonard - stunts (uncredited)

Carlos Lopez Jr. - stunt player (uncredited)

Samantha MacIvor - stunt double: Branka Kadic (uncredited)

Anthony Molinari - stunt performer (uncredited)

Rene Mousseux - stunt performer (uncredited)

Michael Mulgrew - stunt performer (uncredited)

Chris Palermo - stunts (uncredited)

Rex Reddick - stunt performer (uncredited)

Simon Rhee - stunts (uncredited)

Larry Rippenkroeger - stunts (uncredited)

Brandon Saario - stunts (uncredited)

Anthony G. Schmidt - stunts (uncredited)

Jeff Seich - highway driver (uncredited)

Emily Shah - stunts (uncredited)

Vladimir Tevlovski - stunt performer (uncredited)

Cody Thornbury - stunts (uncredited)

Chester E. Tripp III - stunt driver (uncredited)

Mark Aaron Wagner - stunt performer (uncredited)

Jordan Warrack - stunt performer (uncredited)

Travis Wong - stunts (uncredited)

Scott Workman - stunts (uncredited)

Nico Woulard - utility stunts (uncredited)

The Chinese one sheet poster of Captain America: "The Winter Soldier"


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