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FIGHTS | Chadwick Boseman in training for Marvel's Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman training for Marvel's Black Panther.

Release date: 12 February 2018 (United Kingdom)

Director: Ryan Coogler

Network: Marvel Entertainment

Producers: Kevin Feige, David J. Grant

Starring: Chadwick Boseman. Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o

Editor: Debbie Berman, Michael P. Shawver

Synopsis: After his father's death, T'Challa returns home to Wakanda to inherit his throne. However, a powerful enemy related to his family threatens to attack his nation.


Darrin Prescott - stunt coordinator

R.A. Rondell - stunt coordinator 2nd unit

George Cottle - Supervising Stunt Coordinator: additional photography (uncredited)

Nam Jin Kang - stunts office coordinator (uncredited)

Clayton J. Barber - fight coordinator

Hank Amos - stunt co-coordinator 2nd unit

Chris Brewster - Fight Coordinator: Additional Photography / stunts

Dan Brown - stunt co-coordinator: Additional Photography

Marcus Adair - stunts

Jerry T. Adams - stunt performer

Janeshia Adams-Ginyard - stunt double: Danai Gurira/Dora Milaje

Gee Alexander - stunts

Jay Amor - stunt performer

Christopher 'Critter' Antonucci - stunt performer

Tobias Armand - stunts

Branden Arnold - stunts

Kevin Arnold - stunt performer

Aviel Ayoung - utility stunts

Dean Bailey - stunt driver

Raven-Danielle Baker - stunts

Chris Balualua - utility stunts

Ricky Barksdale - stunt performer

Danya Bateman - stunts

Hunter Baxley - stunts

Kelly Bellini - stunts

Eric Benson - stunts

Carrie Bernans - stunt performer / stunt performer: Dora Milaje

John Bernecker - utility stunts

Cyrus Birch - stunt performer

Tristan Boswell - stunts

Tomar Boyd - horse stunts: Daniel Kaluuya

Jermaine Brantley - stunts: special action

Marty Wayne Burton - stunt double

Sadiqua Bynum - stunt performer: Dora Milaje

Jwaundace Candece - Stunt Double: Shaman

Donny Carrington - stunts

Sebastiano Cartier - stunts

Kevin Cassidy - stunts

Courtney Chen - stunt performer

Anis Cheurfa - stunts

Alvin Chon - stunts

Sean Christopher - stunt rigger

Pat Chu - utility stunts

Tye Claybrook Jr. - stunt performer

Tom Cohan - stunts

David Conk - Stunt Double: Andy Serkis / fight team

Stephen Conroy - stunts

Brycen Counts - stunt coordinator: additional photography

Chad Crumley - stunt performer

Clay Cullen - stunt driver / stunts

Adonis Daley - stunt performer

Nathan B. Daley - stunts

Chris Daniels - stunts

Jaeson M. Daniels - stunts

Craig H. Davidson - stunt rigger

Keith Splinter Davis - stunts

Kent De Mond - stunts

Nick DeKay - stunt performer

Julius Denem - stunt performer

Kurt DeVille - stunt double: Forest Whitaker

John Dixon - utility stunts

Cory Dunson – stunts

Kevin Dyer - stunt performer

Constance Ejuma - stunt performer: Dora Milaje

Kofi Elam - stunts

Matt Emig - fight team / stunt double: Martin Freeman

Richard Epper - utility stunts

Jonathan Eusebio - stunt coordinator

Troy Faruk - stunts

Vaughndio Forbes - stunt player

Philip Fornah - stunts

Simeon Freeman - utility stunts

Jeremy Fry - stunts

Johnny Gao - utility stunts

Shad Gaspard - stunts

Khalid Ghajji - stunt double: Michael B. Jordan

Jomahl Gildersleve - stunt performer

Andy Gill - stunt coordinator

Kelly Gill - stunts

Denisha Gillespie - stunt performer: Dora Milaje

Travis Gomez - utility stunts

Daniel Graham - stunt double: Chadwick Boseman

Carlos Guity - stunt performer

Dante Ha - stunts

James M. Halty - stunts

Barry Hanley - stunts

Jason Elwood Hanna - stunts

Michael Hansen - utility stunts

Jessica Harbeck - mocap stunt performer

Zedric Harris - winston duke: stunt double

Charles Haugk - utility stunts

Zac Henry - utility stunts

Darin Hicks - stunt performer

Maria Hippolyte - Stunt Performer: Dora Milaje / stunt double: Lupita Nyong'o

Jermaine Holt - stunt performer

Niahlah Hope - stunt double: Lupita Nyong'o

David Hugghins - stunt rigging coordinator

Abongo Humphrey - stunt performer

Pan Iam - stunts

Zee James - stunt performer: Jabari Woman

Michael Jamorski - utility stunts

Kirk A. Jenkins - stunts

Precious Jenkins - stunt performer

Floyd Anthony Johns Jr. - stunts

Craig Johnson - stunt performer

Erika T. Johnson - stunt performer: Dora Milaje / stunts

Alexander Christopher Jones - stunt performer

Brett A. Jones - utility stunts

Bobby Jordan - stunts

Aaron Joshua - stunts

Courtney Julien - stunts

Terrence Julien - stunt performer

Micah Karns - stunts

Tiara Kelly - stunts

Steve Kelso - stunt driver

Ralf Koch - utility stunts

Grant Koo - utility stunts

JoJo Lambert - stunts

Thomas J. Larsen - utility stunts

Oakley Lehman - stunts

Jefferson Lewis - stunts

Marcus Lewis - stunt performer

Corey Michael Lincoln - additional photography

Jorge Longoria - stunt performer

Travis Love - stunt performer

Brionna Lynch - stunt driver: Lupita Nyong'o (as Brionna Maria Lynch)

Jalil Jay Lynch - stunt driver

Adam Lytle - utility stunts

Kortney Manns - stunt performer

Tim McAdams - stunts

Randall McDonald - stunts: bordertribe

Jameca Mcghee - stunts

Crystal Michelle - Jabari Woman (as Crystal Michelle) / Jabari Woman / stunt double: Letitia Wright / stunt performer: Jabari Woman

Mario Moody - stunt performer

Christopher B. Moore - stunts

David M. Morizot - stunts (as David Morizot)

William Morts - stunts

Marie Mouroum - stunt performer: Dora Milaje

Josh Mueller - utility stunts

Kirkland Murphy - stunts

Prophet Muscle - stunt performer

Jachin JJ Myers - stunt performer

Robert Nagle - stunt driver

Jessica Nam - stunt performer

Niko Nedyalkov - utility stunts

Leon Ngo - utility stunts

Tang Nguyen - stunts

Mark Norby - stunts

Daniel Norris - stunt performer

Nnamdi Nwosa - stunts

Juan R. Ojeda - stunts

Femi Olagoke - Cargo Truck Militant (as Olufemi Olagoke)

Noon Orsatti - stunts

Jane Oshita - stunt performer

Allan Padelford - stunt driver

Chris Palermo - stunt driver

Richie Parker - stunt performer

Samuel J. Paul - stunt performer

Gary Peebles - utility stunts

Jasper Pendergrass Jr- stunt performer (as Jasper Pendergrass)

Mario Perez - mocap stunt performer

Nathaniel Perry - stunts

Khalil' La'Marr Pickett - stunt performer

Victor Plajas - stunt performer

Don Powers - stunt performer (as Don L Powers)

Brian A. Prince - stunt: Jabari

Taraja Ramsess - stunt performer

Greg Rementer - stunts

Delmar Reyna - stunt performer

Antjuan Rhames - stunts

Meredith Richardson - stunts

Ryan Robertson - stunts

Dalton Rondell - stunts

John Ross - stunt performer

Rich Rutherford - stunt driver

Ayami Sakaeda - stunts

Jeremy Sample - stunts

Erik Schultz - stunts

Brandon M. Shaw - stunt double: Daniel Kaluuya / utility stunts

Bruce Anthony Shepperson - stunt performer

John J. Shim - stunt performer

Paul E. Short - utility stunts

Joseph Singletary - stunt: jabari

Derrell J. Smith - stunts

Dominique Elijah Smith - stunt performer

Tim J. Smith - stunt performer

Greg Sproles - stunts

Nick Stanner - utility stunts

Daniel Stevens - stunts

Jénel Stevens - stunt performer: Dora Milaje

Eric Stratemeier - stunts

Granger Summerset II - stunt performer

Kimmy Suzuki - stunt performer

C.C. Taylor - stunts

Hamid-Reza Benjamin Thompson - stunt performer

Nancy Thurston - stunts

Antonio Lewis Todd – stunts

Aaron Toney - stunt double: Chadwick Boseman / stunt double: Michael B. Jordan

Ty Tornes - stunts

Greg Tracy - stunts

Keisha Tucker - second unit stunt double: Danai Gurira / stunt actor: Dora Milaje

Jon Valera - fight choreographer: motion capture

Eric VanArsdale - utility stunts

Tony Vo - stunt performer / stunts

Aaron Walters - stunts

Eric Watson - stunt performer

Lee B. Webb - stunts

J. Wells Jr. - stunt performer

Mark Willis - stunt performer: jabari warrior

Tyler Witte - stunts

Nico Woulard - second unit stunt double: Chadwick Boseman

Eddie Yansick - stunts

Kofi Yiadom - stunt double: Chadwick Boseman

Chris Yung - stunts (as Christopher Yu)

Black Panther poster



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