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DEAD END | Awards & Nominations

A film festival update for our Hong Kong based short film Dead End. Things continue to do well for our little film and with numerous nominations, official selections etc come a good number of wins as well.

The actual number of selections etc is hard for me to tell at this point but there has been a lot. Bryan is up for Best Actor at the LA ACTORS AWARDS, and Julian actually won BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR at the LA FILM AWARDS a few weeks ago. We also got a CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE from them. Our camera team won BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at the MUMBAI FILM FESTIVAL, I'm up for BEST DIRECTOR and we have a few other category nominations at FILM FEST INTERNATIONAL (LONDON), we won CERTIFICATES OF EXCELLENCE at Canada Shorts and really the list seems to go on and on.

If you want to hear the latest about the festival progress for this terrific wee film, backed by our friends at BLACK CAMEL PICTURES then follow us on Twitter. @deadendshrtfilm

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If you have suggestions for topics then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Due to non disclosure agreements it has become very difficult to talk about the work that I do until it has been released and that is often many months after the fact. I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions for topics of interest.

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