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  • Carter Ferguson

2018 | A year of Action

It was the great philosopher Oprah Winfrey who once said "Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right." - 2017 may have been a successful and lucrative year for me but 2018 has got to be better.

I lost my dad in January last year and my mum only a little later in 2017 and it's a year best forgotten in my mind. From it, however, has sprung new and powerful relationships with international filmmakers and talent, success with my film making and my fight direction work and a new view of life for me in general.

As last year progressed I hit targets I never thought I'd complete, my productivity improved and my commitments reduced. The struggle of running a business and trying to support my film-making endeavours and other peoples had become overwhelming and I started making changes with a #12WEEKYEAR killing a lot of long incomplete tasks and with a new skill I started developing - the use of the word No. Turning down work is quite empowering. It leads to a happier, if somewhat more frugal life.

As you can see from the name of this website, fight work is my main job, my career and my main source of income. I am highly skilled and experienced at doing it and my drive to continue that work is a passion I will never lose. What's become clearer to me recently is that I very good at what I do and that my contribution to film, television and theatre across Scotland in that field has been significant.

It was my time in Hong Kong and China on the set of Donnie Yen's CHASING THE DRAGON movie on the invite of BRYAN LARKIN that had me realise that I have a rare and valuable skill set which is somewhat undervalued in my own country. By avoiding those who disrespect the position and choosing carefully the work I take on, I hope to have a have a happier life this year. Below is the Giordano promo that I produced this year. It works very well.

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