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FIGHTS | Behind The Scenes on The Matrix (1999)

It's been a while since Keanu Reeves hit our screens in The Matrix and changed how we tackle action scenes. Watch to see how these fight scenes were originally staged and shot.

Release date: 11 June 1999 (United Kingdom)

Network: Village Roadshow Pictures

Producer: Joel Silver

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishbourne

Cinematographer: Bill Pope

Synopsis: Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer, is led to fight an underground war against powerful computers who have constructed his entire reality with a system called the Matrix.


Shea Adams - stunt double: Agent Brown

Ray Anthony - stunts

Greg Blandy - stunts

Richard Boué - stunts (as Richard Boue)

Bob Bowles - stunt double: Cypher

Scott Brewer - stunts

Dave Brown – stunts

Todd Bryant - stunt

Sebastiano Cartier - stunt rigger

Mick Corrigan - stunts

Harry Dakanalis - stunts

Dar Davies - stunts

Paul Doyle - stunt double: Neo/Agent Smith

Nash Edgerton - stunt double: Mouse

Brian Ellison - stunts

Terry Flanagan – stunts

Gary Fry - stunts

Scotty Gregory - stunts

Johnny Hallyday - stunts

Nigel Harbach - stunt double: Agent Jones

Lou Horvath – stunts

Nigel King - stunts

Alex Kiss - stunts

Alex Kuzelicki - stunts

Ian Lind - stunts

Tony Lynch - stunts

Andre McCoy - stunt double: Morpheus (as Andre 'Chyna' McCoy)

Scott McLean – stunts

Chris Mitchell - stunts

Darren Andrew Mitchell - stunts (as Darren Mitchell)

Steve Morris - stunts

Brett Praed - stunts

Luke Quinton - stunt performer

Brit Sooby - stunts

Sotiri Sotiropoulos - stunts

Chad Stahelski - stunt double: Neo

Gillian Statham - stunt double: Switch

Leon Stripp - stunt assistant

Glenn Suter - stunts (as Glenn Sutor)

Darko Tuscan - stunt double: Neo (as Darko Tuskan)

Bernadette Van Gyen - stunts

Marijke Rikki van Gyen - stunts (as Marijke Van Gyen)

Annette Van Moorsel - stunt double: Trinity

Mick Van Moorsel - stunts

Warwick Young - stunts

Mick Corrigan - stunt double (uncredited)

Charlie Estepp - stunts (uncredited)

Dwayne McGee - stunts (uncredited)

Tim Storms - stunt trainer (uncredited)

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