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MY PODCAST | Film Pro Productivity Available Now

Those of you who have been paying any sort of attention to my social media over the past 10 weeks or so may have noticed that I launched a podcast, not on the topic of fight directing, but on the subject of Productivity aimed at Film Professionals and other creatives. Film Pro Productivity has had an impactful launch and it's first season's download numbers have gradually increased.

Example Episode

I encourage you to go to the website, or subscribe to the show on iTunes or your Android app and listen to a few of the shows.


The advice I offer in the show will help you to avoid creative burnout, and allow you to streamline you life and work, prioritise your tasks and generally take back control.


Access to the episodes is completely free and episodes are short, so what have you got to lose? You will find the official website on THIS LINK




If you have suggestions for topics then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Due to non disclosure agreements it has become very difficult to talk about the work that I do until it has been released and that is often many months after the fact. I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions for topics of interest.

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