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HONG KONG | Dead End II - December 2018

Dead End 1 sheet


December 2018 will see Bryan Larkin and myself travelling back to Hong Kong to shoot a follow up to our short film Dead End and why is that? What good is there in following up on a short film? Well to put it simply, because we want to. The first film has won 33 awards, including most recently BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM at the 5th FESTIVAL DA CINEMA BRAZIL, and it's been nominated for a further 20.

More doors have opened up for us as a result of that short film than ever before and there seems to be an insatiable appetite for it. Dead End II which is provisionally titled A Justified Kill will show more of the world and our style of shooting and introduce slightly more action elements. I'll update further once we return but watch out on social media for regular updates.

Bryan Larkin in Dead End



If you have suggestions for topics then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Due to non disclosure agreements it has become very difficult to talk about the work that I do until it has been released and that is often many months after the fact. I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions for topics of interest.

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