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  • Carter Ferguson

NDA's | Why writing about fight directing has become a really tricky undertaking.

Writing mini-blog posts has gotten trickier for me over the years. When I was just directing sword-fights and the occasional punch up in the theatre I could easily talk about it and post pictures as it was regarded as free publicity. If I were to write about Hamlet for example, the script would be a known entity. In theatre there was no need to protect the storylines as everyone knew them, more or less. New theatre shows were eager for publicity and there were no real restrictions.

Pic of Andy Clark as Hamlet and Sam Heughan as Guildenstern in Hamlet at the Citizens Theatre (2007) Post continues below >>>

That all changed when I started working in film and television. Suddenly the need to protect the storylines was imperative and I became no stranger to the NDA. My hands became tied. I mean you can write about it and post pics if you wait till the thing screens and get permission, but you've kinda lost your mojo for it when that happens as so much has happened in the interim.

Of course I could write them at the time and release them a lot later but my heart doesn't really buy into that. My brain gives it a thumbs up but I can never seem to get it to happen.

Anyway this was just a whim for a short blog post. If you can think of anything I can get my teeth into for an update, please just ask and I'll give it a go.

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