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  • Carter Ferguson

2017 | So far, so good!

Updating this site has fallen by the wayside somewhat in one of the busiest years I've had in my career so far. It's always tricky for me to write updates working in an industry where I am limited in what I can say and do without fear of giving away plot points or stepping on non disclosure agreements.

In January I produced a commercial with the Hong Kong team that worked on our short film Dead End. Dead End has continued to develop and I shot additional scenes in London in March and returned to HK in May to shoot a pickup scene or two there as well. The film which is spearheaded my my friend and colleague Bryan Larkin is coming together very well and will hit film festivals later this year. See my earlier posts for more information.

Throughout this year I have also worked on BBC Scotland's River City for my 27th consecutive season as the productions fight director. It's a job I love with some great cast and crew and I will return there later in the year to work on their next season.

Earlier this year I also worked on local filmmaker Fraser Coull's web series Cops and Monsters. Fraser is a prolific filmmaker and always tackles genres which are rarely done around Scotland.

Finally I'll say a few words about the feature film First and Only which was produced by my friend and producing colleague Simone Bett and directed by the very hard working director Magnus Wake. This was a pleasure to work on, has a hefty fight at the end and should hit screens a little later in the year. I'm tied down with what I can say right now but here's a picture from set that wont give too much away.

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