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MAKING A CHANGE | New Site Design

This website has been around for about 15 years, originally released via Microsoft Frontpage then on to Adobe Dreamweaver in about 2007. A WordPress format took over for a few years and we have now found our home on Wix in late 2016. This new template emulates the blogging format of the last one but feels just a little snazzier.

The main content change in the site over the years has been that I have moved to film and TV from theatre. This leaves me very little room to write updates as I can't comment on anything I am working on until after it has been released. When I worked on a lot of theatre I was able to discuss what I was doing much more freely, and much more quickly.

If you would like an update on a specific topic please get in touch!

The Royal Lyceum's Hedda Gabler (2015).



If you have suggestions for topics then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Due to non disclosure agreements it has become very difficult to talk about the work that I do until it has been released and that is often many months after the fact. I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions for topics of interest.

Never Miss a Post!
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