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  • Carter Ferguson

ARCHIVE | Battlestar Galactica | BY YOUR COMMAND


In 2007 my friend Colin Ross Smith and I had been talking about doing a scifi short, possibly based on our mutually favorite programme of that time Stargate SG-1, so when the Battlestar Galactica producers and the scifi channel got together and ran a Galactica short film competition I had to pick up the phone get Colin on board to kick off our own entry.

Even when we entered we knew we couldn’t win as we weren’t US citizens but we got far more success from it than we could have imagined. Our film was singled out for inclusion on the newsletter which went out to thousands of subscribers and we even made it onto the front page of the website for a day. When all was said and done it was a great project.

The film was written by myself and Colin and as Colin directed, I took on the mantle of producer and designer. It was this film and its great success that planted the seed which led to our later film The Rage. Please bare in mind that we really did shoot this on nothing! Also worth noting is that both this film and The Rage were DOP’d by future Virgin Shorts winner John McPhail.

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