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  • Carter Ferguson

FAST ROMANCE | Whatever happened to it?

“A film about love, life and speed dating!”

Fast Romance is about seven very different people who discover that just three minutes with a complete stranger will change their lives forever. It was shot in the vibrant city of Glasgow in Scotland and was written by husband and wife team James McCreadie and Debbie May. William Ruane of Sweet Sixteen fame leads the film’s main cast of up and coming British talent including Jo Freer, Lesley Hart, Michael Howell, Lynne McKelvey, Lawrence Crawford and Derek Munn, with cameos from Scottish acting royalty such as Vince Friell (Restless Natives, Trainspotting), Dave Anderson (Local Hero, Gregory’s Girl), Barbara Rafferty (The Last King of Scotland) and Rab Buchanan (Gregory’s Girl, That Sinking Feeling).

In 2009 some 200 or more friends, associates, partners, family members, random good samaritans, investors, film professionals and film enthusiasts gathered together and made a romantic comedy. Against all the odds, we completed it on a very low budget and it was distributed in cinemas across Scotland by Cineworld. It was called Fast Romance, and as well as being hard work, enormously time consuming and very nearly sending me to an early grave, it did pretty well, all things considered. Not financially (yet) to the best of my knowledge, but we won several awards including that pictured above: The BAFTA Scotland Cineworld Audience Award.

I was the face of the film, and in many ways as creator, director and exec producer, the driving force behind it. In August of 2012 however, I had to resign from the company that produced it due to ill health. Previous to that I’d been on a four month leave of absence, so I actually last worked on the film in early February of 2012 (When we won the Board Of Directors Choice Award at the Starlite Film Festival in Florida) just prior to its release on a Scottish based distribution platform called Distrify. You can watch the film on Distrify right now BY CLICKING HERE. It’s only a few quid

I realise that there’s been virtually no information going out about the film since I left the company, and feel it is important that I do this site update to let folks that were involved know what’s been going on. The company (and therefor the film) was sold in 2013 to a truly great man called John Hamilton (pictured to the right of the top photo) who was an enthusiastic advocate of the film, the chief investor and a real friend. Sadly John passed away earlier this year and he will be greatly missed. I’m talking to his business partner about how I can help and it is my hope to have some information going out about it soon. I can’t actually answer questions about the film as I’m not involved in it any more, but I’m doing my best to get the information flowing again. I post this brief update with the permission of the current owner.

In regard to Distrify, please do feel free to tell me if you are having problems with it. I’d like to know about any issues you are facing when trying to watch or pay for the film. I’ve had recent chat with Distrify on Twitter of all things, that suggests that any bugs the system had when it was released have been fixed

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