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  • Carter Ferguson

2019 | The Story So Far

I find myself having to update the old CV today so figured a wee website update may be worthwhile too. The usual problem of not being able to talk about stuff that I've been working on is present but I think I can report on a few things.

Below: Thursday's Son (short Film)

Well I'm on the 21st production of the year for me so it's a little slower this year than it was last, but since the start of the year I've also released 14 new podcast episodes for Film Pro Productivity and am current;y working on a further 18. I've done a few short films, one of which is shown above and another season of River City pictured below.

As well as this I've just completed shooting on a feature film Called Zebra Girl and a feature which I did fights for last year, Dark Sense, Pictured below, has hit the film festival circuit and started winning awards.

I've also done fights for a TV show called Guilt which is gonna be awesome, so watch out for it and for The Crucible at Pitlochry Festival Theatre. I am considering doing audio updates for talking about previous fight jobs - Would that be of interest? Who knows?

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