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2019 | The Story So Far

I find myself having to update the old CV today so figured a wee website update may be worthwhile too. The usual problem of not being able to talk about stuff that I've been working on is present but I think I can report on a few things.

Below: Thursday's Son (short Film)

Well I'm on the 21st production of the year for me so it's a little slower this year than it was last, but since the start of the year I've also released 14 new podcast episodes for Film Pro Productivity and am current;y working on a further 18. I've done a few short films, one of which is shown above and another season of River City pictured below.

As well as this I've just completed shooting on a feature film Called Zebra Girl and a feature which I did fights for last year, Dark Sense, Pictured below, has hit the film festival circuit and started winning awards.

I've also done fights for a TV show called Guilt which is gonna be awesome, so watch out for it and for The Crucible at Pitlochry Festival Theatre. I am considering doing audio updates for talking about previous fight jobs - Would that be of interest? Who knows?



If you have suggestions for topics then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Due to non disclosure agreements it has become very difficult to talk about the work that I do until it has been released and that is often many months after the fact. I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions for topics of interest.

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